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B Sides: Episode #1 – Ross Interviews Marcio

We’re excited to bring you our first B-Sides episode; a series where we share advice and insights, bonus material and outtakes from past interviews, and more! We’ll be releasing these B-Sides episodes on the last Tuesday of every month.

In this episode, Ross interviews Marcio about his upcoming EP, The Reimagining: Vol 1, and we share some bonus material from Garth Richardson, Melissa Cross and Jason Paige.

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  • Ross and Marcio talk about Marcio’s upcoming EP, The Reimagining: Vol 1
  • Ross challenges Marcio to describe the new EP in 30 seconds or less
  • Marcio offers advice for artists around self-producing vs working with a producer
  • We share a b-side from Garth Richardson’s interview where he shares a story of revenge
  • Marcio shares how The Reimagining EP “saved” Marcio musically
  • If there’s something you want to do, figure out how, and just do it
  • Marcio shares some tips for approaching vocals in the studio
  • Melissa Cross demonstrates her singing technique in a b-side from her interview
  • We share a b-side from Jason Paige’s interview, where he starts improvising mid conversation



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