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B-Sides #10: Help Me, I’m Sick! To Work or Not to Work?

In this week’s B-SIDES episode, we’re talking about what to do when you’re sick – when you’ve got commitments or deadlines that you really can’t push back or cancel, or a show to play. What should you do? We explore that further in this week’s episode. Enjoy!
  • We talk about how to decide what to do when you’re sick but have projects or performances to do

  • We discuss how when you’re sick it can be useful to do light work, rather than taking the day completely off

  • When you don’t practice self care, you end up getting sick!” – Marcio Novelli

  • We talk about how to decide whether you should cancel a show when sick, or if you should go ahead with it

  • Be upfront with people you’re working with when you’re not feeling well – it just ensures that everyone knows there are reasons for delays

  • We talk about how it’s important to make progress if you can, but your health always has to come first


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