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B-SIDES #19 – Getting Started as a Session Musician

This week’s B-SIDES episode is all about session musicians: how you can find sessions, what you should expect when going into the studio, and also what NOT to do in a session. Enjoy!
  • We talk about the importance of networking when it comes to becoming a session musician
  • Build connections with record studios, as they may recommend you if artists are looking for session musicians
  • We talk about creating a showcase or portfolio of your work online so people know you are available for session work
  • “Make sure you advertise the fact that you are available for hire!”
  • We talk about what artists need to do when hiring a session musician to make sure they are prepared for the studio
  • “In the studio, be clear and direct about what you need”
  • We share some experiences of sessions that have gone horribly wrong

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