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B-Sides: Episode #2 – Marcio Interviews Ross

In our second B-SIDES episode, we flip the tables, and Marcio interviews Ross about websites for musicians. We cover why bands need websites, what they should include, and how to choose a designer to work with. We’ve also got some bonus segments and outtakes from recent interviews with Pam Lewis Rudden, Neil Hilborn and Nathan West. Enjoy!

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  • Marcio sidelines Ross by asking him 3 things about himself that everyone should know…
  • We talk about why bands need a website
  • “Having a website shows a level of professionalism and dedication to your career”
  • “With your own website, you have more control over how you present yourself than on social media”
  • We talk about the importance of collecting email addresses via your website
  • We share an outtake from our interview with sync licensing specialist Pam Lewis Rudden
  • “Even if you don’t have content for a website yet, register your domain name for brand protection”
  • We talk about what a band’s website should include – and it’s all about what you want people to do when they are there
  • Ross talks about the importance of good photography on an artist website, especially for independent musicians
  • We share an outtake from Neil Hilborn’s interview – when animals take over the show!
  • We talk about what musicians should be looking for in a web designer
  • Marcio’s family make a surprise appearance!
  • We share an outtake from Nathan West’s interview where Ross shows him the unicorn on his passport


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