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B-Sides: Episode #4 – Time Management & Building a Team

In our fourth B-SIDES episode we talk about time management and building a team, and we share a bonus segment from Stephen Christian’s interview. We talk about balancing multiple projects, finding work/life balance, and the importance of delegation.

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  • We talk about the importance of managing your time efficiently, especially when balancing multiple projects
  • Marcio shares how his day planner has changed his life
  • Ross and Marcio talk about the different lists they use to keep on top of their daily, weekly, and long-term tasks
  • We talk about monotasking (shout out to @RockStarAdvo!) and why it’s good to take breaks from social media
  • “We’ve spent the last 2 1/2  years constantly re-evaluating how we manage our time. It’s all about trial & error and seeing what’s most effective.” – Ross
  • We talk about finding balance between personal and professional life
  • We share some additional advice from our interview with Stephen Christian, about managing multiple projects
  • “When you can’t keep up with everything, or you’re not able to focus on the creative part of your work, then it’s time to start expanding your team.” – Marcio
  • We discuss how to decide what tasks you can delegate to other team members
  • Once you know which tasks you want to delegate to others, it’s then time to start finding people who can help you” – Marcio
  • We talk about how a virtual assistant (like Christine @ Thirty Roses) can help free up your time
  • “You want to be able to focus on the creative side of things, while delegating tasks to others. You’re still the leader, but not doing it completely by yourself.” – Ross


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