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2017 Halloween Special (with Michael Grubbs and Kevin Cadogan)

Happy Halloween! Instead of a B-SIDES episode, we’ve got a special Halloween episode for you this week. We didn’t record a special last year due to technological issues (more about this in the episode) but we found a way to make these specials work, so we’re back, baby! This episode features past guests Michael Grubbs of Wakey Wakey and Third Eye Blind/XEB guitarist Kevin Cadogan, as well as a history of BTA specials and some paranormal-themed stories. Enjoy!



  • We talk about our illustrious history of Bridge the Atlantic specials
  • We talk about why the format of our specials has changed – and you guessed it, it’s all because of technology!
  • We share how we always have to learn the hard way – because we’re both ambitious but stubborn. Mostly stubborn.
  • We play a game of Two Truths & A Lie with Wakey Wakey’s Michael Grubbs
  • Marcio talks about his love for all things paranormal
  • Marcio shares a terrifying paranormal experience he had as a teenager
  • Marcio’s story confirms why Ross would never want to play with a Ouija board
  • Ross shares a different kind of paranormal experience involving Twitter and a TV host…
  • We play Two Truths & A Lie with Third Eye Blind / XEB guitarist Kevin Cadogan


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