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Halloween Special with Andrew DeLeon, Janet Devlin, Charlotte Eriksson & James Black

This week we’re bringing you our first ever Halloween special! If you saw our holiday special last year, you’ll know that things got a little crazy and in this episode… well, you can judge for yourself! We welcome back past guests singer/songwriter Andrew DeLeon, singer/songwriter Janet Devlin, singer/songwriter and Finger Eleven guitarist James Black, and singer/songwriter Charlotte Eriksson aka The Glass Child to the show. Enjoy, and have a Happy Halloween!


  • Andrew doesn’t wear costumes, he wears concepts
  • James once dressed up as one of the guys from ZZ Top for Halloween, even though he didn’t know who they were
  • Janet once went trick or treating as Zorro… complete with horse
  • We learn that Halloween isn’t really much of a big deal in Sweden
  • Ross shares a Halloween story about dressing up as an unknown video game character
  • Marcio shares that his sister dressed him up as a girl one year… and it explains a lot
  • We challenge James to write a Halloween song
  • Charlotte sees holidays as a great excuse to run a promotion or do something special
  • James likes to dress up on stage for Halloween, and run costume contests when Finger Eleven play at Halloween
  • Janet talks about doing Halloween shows on StageIt, and running online costume contests
  • Andrew says he wouldn’t release a Halloween EP or album
  • We have to educate James on who Ghostface is
  • We learn what “snap apple” is
  • Marcio shares a story about a terrifying doll he had as a child
  • Janet shares her strategy for surviving the zombie apocalypse
  • Charlotte tells us about a Swedish tradition about burning witches
  • We wonder… does anyone actually like candy corn?
  • Ross and Janet bond over Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  • Janet called her mom when Melissa Joan Hart followed her on Twitter because she was so excited
  • Ross comes under attack from James and Marcio
  • The more James thinks about Stephen King, the more he dislikes him
  • We have a spoiler alert, 30 years in the making, thanks to Andrew!


  • Troll 2 (Movie)
  • The Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror episodes (TV)
  • The Shining (Movie)
  • Halloween (Movie)



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